About this Podcast (and Molly Hawkey)

Did you hear the one about the woman who started a podcast to find a sperm donor?

Molly Hawkey has always wanted kids.

And she’s always wanted to start a podcast to find the father of those kids. Wait. No. That last thing was not part of the plan.

Yet in May of 2018, she decided a podcast was exactly what she needed in order to get the ball rolling. You see, Molly is 40, single, and sort of not really ready to have kids. By “sort of”, I mean not ready at all.

Which is why she froze her eggs a few years back. Faced with a growing mountain of scientific evidence letting her know (on an almost daily basis) just how much the chances of conception start to drop past the age of 35 – she decided to make her move!

How the Podcast Got Started

With the help of friend Amanda Lund, Molly began the Podcast in May of 2018. In July of 2019 Lund, with her partners Priyanka Mattoo and Maria Blasucci, launched the female driven podcast network, Earios. Molly was thrilled to be included in the inaugural slate of shows on the Earios Network.

As Molly enters her third season of Spermcast, she’s more confused than ever – which is good news for you. It makes for a very entertaining and informative show week after week.

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Molly Hawkey with Coffee In Hand

More About Molly Hawkey,
the Actor, Writer, and Comedian...

As you quickly discover when you first listen to the podcast, Molly Hawkey is a busy lady! She’s the quintessential Hollywood “Slasher” – which means to say, she can add many slashes to her professional title.

Writer/Actor/Comedian/Photographer/Podcaster/Basketball Star… the list goes on.

No, literally, the list goes on below: