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James Kirkland on Spermcast with Molly Hawkey and Amanda Lund
Season 3

A Late Sperm Entry: James Kirkland!

Remember James Kirkland from the very first episode of SpermCast? He’s back and he’s offered up some sperm. Or is he messing with Molly? Or promoting his book? Does she really want to try the known donor route again?

Molly Hawkey of Spermcast Poses for the Earios Network
Season 3

Starting Over

Molly catches us all up on what’s gone down during her 3 month hiatus. Hint… it’s a lot!

spermcast podcast episode featured image molly hawkey
Season 2

Me Month

There’s lots of fast talking moments by me! It sounds like i’ve had lots of caffeine but I haven’t in months! Isn’t that exciting!!!

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