Season 2, Ep. 14
Original Air Date: April 9, 2019

Judith Shelton and Holly Laurent

We dive into their youths to see where these preferences may have come from and we dig into how this has affected them in their adult lives. 
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Jude is a talented stand-up and even teaches stand-up comedy at USC and Holly is a fabulous improviser and in the cast of “Live From Here” on NPR, and unlike my other “childfree by choice” guests, neither Jude nor Holly has ever ever ever felt the urge to have kids…not even when they were little ones themselves.

We dive into their youths to see where these preferences may have come from and we dig into how this has affected them in their adult lives.

So serious!! But if you listen to the whole thing you’ll also hear about double penetration!

And of course, no episode would be complete without a depressing update from Molly. WHAT?! I’m not allowed to be in a bad mood sometimes? Jeez.

Anyway, listen and enjoy!!



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