Season 1

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Season 1

Ep 013 – Three Sperm Contestants

This week Molly meets 3 strangers – Stephen Fletcher, Kyle Gordy, and Adam Hooper – all fellas that contacted her after reading about SpermCast in the Washington Post.

Spermcast Episode with Joe DeRosa
Season 1

Ep 012 – Sperm Contestant #8, Joe DeRosa

Molly’s interviewed a bunch of sweet sperm contestants, but never a complete stranger! Today’s sperm contestant came through a friend…and he’s an absolute peach. Meet Joe DeRosa!

Season 1

Ep 10 – The Upheaval

Molly just got back from North Carolina. You’d think she’d be relaxed. Nope. Things are a little nuts and she tells you allllll about it.

spermcast podcast episode featured image molly hawkey
Season 1

Ep 007 – A Surrogate!

Molly’s been on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster lately…doubts about her dreams and intentions are creeping in, so she’s exploring all options.

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