Season 2

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Season 2

Me Month

There’s lots of fast talking moments by me! It sounds like i’ve had lots of caffeine but I haven’t in months! Isn’t that exciting!!!

Megan Reisberg and Nate Ballard on Spermcast
Season 2

A Sweet Young and Very Naked Couple

Megan Reisberg and Nate Ballard are a young unmarried couple that listens to SpermCast together…so I decided to grill them on the big questions.

Molly Hawkey Spermcast Episode Wait What
Season 2

Wait, WHAT?!

You think I’m gonna give this episode away in the description??? Just listen.

Dana Powell on Spermcast
Season 2

Dana Powell!

Molly and Amanda get to hang with old friend, actor and unofficial therapist, Pam-from-Modern-Family, Dana Powell and hear all about her rocky pregnancy.

Celina Dean and Josh Dean on Spermcast
Season 2

Meet the Deans!

Meet Celina and Josh Dean! They’re pretty much the coolest, nicest people on the planet

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